Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid. When ingested, Beta-Alanine is converted to carnosine, which may increase stamina, strength and muscle development by maintaining the pH of the muscle fibres.

During a high intensity workout a large amount of hydrogen atoms accumulate inside our muscle cells through the breakdown of ATP, to release energy. These hydrogen atoms cause the pH of the muscle to drop, limiting their ability to contract powerfully, decreasing strength and liming the ability to gain muscle. Carnosine acts as an intracellular pH buffer stabilizing the muscular pH by soaking up the excess hydrogen atoms.

  • Individuals who want to increase aerobic and anaerobic (weight lifting) endurance
  • Individuals who want to increase strength and power output
  • Individuals who want to gain muscle mass

Allergen information:  None

Not suitable during pregnancy/lactation.

Use as directed by a medical practitioner/ sports advisor, or take 3-4 capsules in divided doses throughout the day (of which 1-2 capsules should be taken prior to your workout).


 Supplement facts

 Daily serving size: 3-4 capsules Per 1 capsule
 Beta-Alanine 1200mg